The United States prohibits anyone with a criminal record to enter their country without advance permission.  The only legal method for entry into the US with a criminal record is a Waiver (I-192).

Although most people are not aware, attempting to cross into the United States with a criminal record can result in dire consequences. Denial of entry, temporary ban, deportation, property seizure and even detention can result from even attempting to enter.

Pardon and Waiver Experts (PWE) will prepare all necessary forms and will acquire a certified copy of your Police Certificate.  PWE will write the personal letters for your signature.  PWE will then do a final check of the file before you hand in the application to the US Department of Homeland Security.

The US Department of Homeland Security will grant Waivers based on how serious the record is, how long ago the offence occurred and the risk of harm to society if the applicant is admitted.

Waiver processing time has varied.  At this time it is approximately 6 months.  Call our offices for an update on processing times.